Floor Leader at Scotch & Soda

Store Director
Phone number +1-971-202-1502

Job Opportunity at Scotch & Soda in Pioneer Place

Full Time
Posted Wed, Dec 1
Store Director
Phone number +1-971-202-1502

Are you our next Selling Floor Leader?

At Scotch & Soda the retail experience is an important part of our brand. You are probably already working in the fashion industry. Your

service and selling is authentic. You are genuinely interested in people, what makes them tick and why they wear what they wear. You

know what you want, you know what you do and do not like, and you have your own opinion on the prescribed 'policy'. You would like to

do it differently, but you just don´t get the chance to do so. We are offering you that chance under one condition: that you will live up to

the Scotch expectations. There will be sales targets to meet, but to create a great customer experience, you’ll also need to embrace our

brand, add your individual flair and tap into what makes you tick as a team player.

What are we asking from you?

• An enthusiastic and spontaneous personality.
• Creative input.
• Good judge of character and associated communication skills.
• Ambitious, goal-orientated, sales minded.
• Understand-- the target group and what it wants to wear.
• Curious personality and eager to learn every day.
• Team spirit, without losing your own identity.
• Leadership skills.
• Passion for your own personal styling and strong desires to represent the brand through your style daily.

Applying at Scotch & Soda goes via a game called Harver. You will get a few situations that could appear in one of our stores and we ask you how you would act. This tool works best on your phone or browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Have fun!